Education and support are going to be your greatest assets during the breastfeeding process. It is going to be very important for you to understand how breastfeeding works just as much as Mom! I would like to encourage you to go to a breastfeeding class, childbirth education class, and even an infant, child, adult CPR class. Gaining insight will help you navigate your journey while being a part of the breastfeeding team. It’s also good to talk to other Dads who have experience with the breastfeeding journey. When talking to other Dads and individuals try to keep in mind that each journey is going to be different. Each experience will be different because each baby, Mom, and family is different! Just know that the support and encouragement you give will possibly help make a difference in many ways such as family mood, feeding duration and bond building between you and your baby.

If Dads had a list of things to do to help mommy, would it be of value? If Dads knew a little more about the baby’s feeding cues could it possibly help the breastfeeding outcome be much better than if he knew nothing about feedings? The point that I am trying to make is that if Dads were given the education needed to have knowledge on the basics of breastfeeding, he might be a stronger support person.

The importance of dad going to childbirth classes and having practical material to study during mom’s pregnancy might help him develop the confidence needed to play a bigger role. Dads do have the ability to learn some of these basic skills, but he must also desire to do so! Let’s give him the opportunity to go to every childbirth class, read all the material that mom’s read during and after childbirth, and give him access to resources in the community so that he can be key in the role of helping mom during the breastfeeding process and helping care for her when it is needed. Dad’s rock!