A Small Dose of Encouragement

Breastfeeding is one of the most precious gifts that a mother can give to her baby. It prepares the baby to be a healthy individual and establishes a strong bond. There are health benefits for mom just as well. In Today’s world the stress of everyday living and dealing with many different realities can overwhelm any mother. When you do your best to stay focused on the sweet bundle of joy that is in your presence, you could have a better experience. I know that there is a need for support, but sometimes, we must be our own source of support. Being grateful and determined to breastfeed can take you further than you could imagine. There will be some good days and some bad days, but the good days can flush out the bad ones with a good focus.

            Finding a good source of support can begin with the most available group that supports breastfeeding in your area. Don’t forget to lean on that friend or family member that has once shown you that they are in your corner. It can even be an older woman in the neighborhood who has shown you kindness and offered to help you. What I am trying to say is don’t discount those who are there for you, or who want to be there. Staying the course and continuing to breastfeed is the goal. The benefits will last much longer than negative feelings.

            The world has lots of work to do when it comes to breastfeeding support and encouragement. In the meantime, let’s think beyond the moment and develop the vision we want to see for breastfeeding. If we continue to work together and help bring about the change we want to see, breastfeeding will one day be looked at as the norm and many more mothers can delight in the breastfeeding journey.

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