Midwives are Awesome

Midwives have the ability to play an important role in the birthing process. They have many different skills and abilities that allow them to help bring babies into the world. Midwives were once a frontrunner when it came to delivering babies many years ago, especially in the black community. She was known in many communities to be there for families to help them bring their babies into the world. This was something that was very common in black communities. What’s unique about their past work is that they were able to use many techniques that aided in the birth process.

Today, midwives are still playing this role, but not like in the past. As we have been made aware of the issues with black women and high maternal mortality rates, I often wonder how this could change if there was more involvement between the medical community and midwives who are highly trained and experienced to help birth babies. Collaborative efforts could help make the positive shift needed to help decrease the high rates of maternal mortality in black women.

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