Birthing Plan

A birthing plan is information that you put together in a document that explains your desires and wishes for the birth of your baby. It is a message so to speak to those in the hospital who will be working with you to make sure you have your desired delivery (as much as possible) during labor and delivery. Even though you create a birthing plan, if for any reason something happens that requires the OBGYN or Midwife to intervene medically, it is best to follow the suggestions that are made.

Writing down how you would like to be cared for during labor can be included in this plan. If you will be using a doula, let the staff be aware of that as well. Doulas are wonderful help during the birthing process, and after in the postpartum period. Also, it would be a good idea to remind others that you would like to do lots of skin-to-skin with your baby as soon as possible after delivery. Voice your desire to breastfeed as well. The more you share with staff, the more you are likely to have a plan to help you enjoy your baby after birth. Remember, sometimes we need to be flexible. Always think about what would be best for you and your baby.

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