Organizational Tips

Tips for Baby

One of the biggest tips that I hear moms share with each other when it comes to caring for our babies is to always have clean clothes! Babies spit up, poopie and wet on them, and not to mention drool! These things happen and it is life for our little precious ones.

Toddlers & Preschoolers

Did someone say, “Pick up your toys?” I think that this is said on a daily basis and it is something practical for our toddlers & preschoolers. At this age, we can model cleaning our rooms by allowing kids to watch us clean the house, then encourage them to do the same in their room. We can always show and guide them a time or two, but after that allow them to be a big boy or big girl!

Twins & Multiples

Oh my goodness, one baby, two baby, three! Does mom have enough hands to get the job done? Well, as a mom of multiples myself, I found it easy to just always have extra pampers and onesies readily available. Yes, you will have to always have more than one of whatever it is that you need, but just having your basic supplies stocked is a start.

Tips for adolescence

This could be a stage where your right hand is always there to help. At this age allow your child to get you a pamper, help you put away some groceries, and even help fold clothes while doing the laundry. Why not allow them to begin to demonstrate how responsible they are capable of being with our training and guidance?

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