When Mom is Frazzled, Everybody is Frazzled!

Mothers are the individuals who “make it happen in the home.” We take the kids to school, cook, clean, discipline, help kids complete homework, bake cupcakes, volunteer, schedule appointments, take the kids to participate in extra-curricular activities, etc. The list goes on and on and sometimes, it feels like mom’s work is never done. Mom seems to be the one who has to be the “quarterback.” She directs the family (team members) on how each particular game needs to be played on a daily basis. By this I mean, she assigns tasks and gives instructions on how and when to get them done. Unlike the true quarterback in a football game, mom does not really get to sit out on plays, we are always instructing! What happens when mom becomes frazzled from all of the routine and daily hustle seems to set in? An easy way of putting it is to say things can come to a standstill. Everyone is affected and some things may have to take care of themselves.

When moms are frazzled, everybody else becomes frazzled. This could mean, dad and the children suddenly have to find a way to temporarily make plays on their own. Moms are such an expert at creating a sense of harmony in the home that it just does not seem right if she is not. I am not saying that a household cannot function without mom, but I am saying that it will be very interesting to see how things are done! It is always a good idea for family members to “be on top of their game” in case mom just needs to take a minute to focus and regroup.

Things that are not an immediate need may need to be postponed or canceled. Because mom’s role is so important, she does affect what happens to other family members. This is where I stress to new moms that priority comes into play and we have to look at what is an important need to be met for all of those involved and how can the family as a TEAM get the job done. When we work with all those involved on a daily basis on how to better help the family, when something comes up, everything does not fall apart!

Life happens to the best of us and when it does, we have to know how to stay the course. There is so much pressure on moms and we all have to remember that she is just as HUMAN as the next person. There will be days that the “norm” will not be. The wonderful thing in this is that good attitudes and effort from family will help make everything work out. As a mother, I know firsthand that being frazzled is not the best place to be, but life happens, and it does go on and it can get better.

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