Welcome into the world little oneI’ve waited for this very moment toplace you upon my skin so you couldfeel all my love flowing from within.Night after night I felt your tiny kicksbut there will come a time when youthrow little fits, especially when it’sfeeding time, changing time, or whenyou justContinue Reading

           Breastfeeding is a choice. It’s one you will make that will benefit you and your baby in an extremely positive way. However, there can be a few challenges that we unfortunately face in society that could have a huge impact on your decision. Breastfeeding mothers aren’t often greeted warmly inContinue Reading

Breastfeeding is one of the most precious gifts that a mother can give to her baby. It prepares the baby to be a healthy individual and establishes a strong bond. There are health benefits for mom just as well. In Today’s world the stress of everyday living and dealing withContinue Reading

Dads, whether you know it or not, the time you spend with your little one is priceless! Holding your sweet little one provides them with the security and love needed for healthy growth and development.  Whenever you can, give hugs, read books, color pictures, dance, and most of all, letContinue Reading

Postpartum stress can derail a mother’s well planned day. Taking care of baby while daddy is at work can often feel overwhelming, especially when baby cannot be consoled. Call a friend to assist so you can take a break. Don’t go it alone. You need just as much care asContinue Reading

Planning for your baby is such an exciting time! Making sure you position yourself to be able to function from day to day is very important. It’s not easy to predict how each moment will turn out with your little one, but having what you need on hand will makeContinue Reading

Midwives have the ability to play an important role in the birthing process. They have many different skills and abilities that allow them to help bring babies into the world. Midwives were once a frontrunner when it came to delivering babies many years ago, especially in the black community. SheContinue Reading

There is a dire need for more focus to be given to issues in Maternal Child Health as it relates to black women. Black women are more likely to have higher incidences of Maternal Mortality than other races. Organizations are stepping up to find solutions, but we have much moreContinue Reading

There are steps you can take to help you organize your life while parenting. Some basic tips that can be very helpful throughout every stage of parenting can be organizing for the week ahead whether or not you are a working mom or a stay at home mom. These tipsContinue Reading

Having a postpartum doula can be a positive experience for the breastfeeding mother and her family. The postpartum doula can assist with breastfeeding, meal preparation, newborn care, and help with siblings, etc. It would be wise for the family to communicate with the doula before delivery so that she canContinue Reading