Your Baby, Your Breasts

           Breastfeeding is a choice. It’s one you will make that will benefit you and your baby in an extremely positive way. However, there can be a few challenges that we unfortunately face in society that could have a huge impact on your decision. Breastfeeding mothers aren’t often greeted warmly in public places and instead frowned upon, if not outright shamed. This makes breastfeeding a hard decision to make. Breastfeeding mothers must focus on the positive outcomes that come from breastfeeding that she and her baby will receive. She must know it is going to be a mental as well as physical job, but worth it.

            Some of the tricks to succeed in breastfeeding will include making sure her home environment is set up with visuals that will help her navigate the process. For example, keeping the home in order will help with time management. If laundry is designated to a confined area and not spread all over the place throughout the house, this can ease the stress or worry of having to get it done ‘right now’. There may be times that a nap has to be prioritized over finishing laundry. Another good example of having your environment set up for productivity is to always have something to drink available. Sometimes you may find yourself wanting a drink of water but are unable to walk to the kitchen to get it because of your location in the house. If there is water on hand, there you go; thirst satisfied and the stress of needing to get it is eliminated. Small things like mapping out your needs in the home will help you navigate the journey, making it easier. Make a to-do list along with a grocery list in advance helps. Express or pump breast milk ahead of time to make running errands more efficient. Planning ahead will always be of great value.

            There is work to be done in America when it comes to advocating, promoting, and supporting breastfeeding. This has led to breastfeeding mothers not having the space they need to breastfeed comfortably. The negative stigma that some individuals carry have developed into a negative mindset towards breastfeeding. There are cover-ups that a breastfeeding mother can wear out in public to help eliminate some of this. Another tool to use to help have the courage to breastfeed is focus. Focus on your baby and feeding your baby. When your baby is hungry, we must satisfy that hunger by feeding the baby! Don’t worry about what others may be thinking. Hone in on the gift you are providing for your baby. Don’t be afraid to ignore individuals who may stare in disgust or make an unpleasing comment. After all, there are certain restaurants that have servers who are exposing their breasts way more than you! At least you are exposing yours for the greater good. Remember, your baby, your breasts!

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