Making sure that your baby is immunized will help protect against childhood diseases. Many years ago we had a high rate of infant mortality (infant death), but thanks to modern technology we are able to help fight against infections that occur today. Organizations such as the CDC have established guidelinesContinue Reading

Mothers are the individuals who “make it happen in the home.” We take the kids to school, cook, clean, discipline, help kids complete homework, bake cupcakes, volunteer, schedule appointments, take the kids to participate in extra-curricular activities, etc. The list goes on and on and sometimes, it feels like mom’sContinue Reading

This is a time to make sure that you are getting all of the prenatal education and medical attention required. Going to a childbirth class will give you lots of information about what goes on at each stage during pregnancy. Valuable information on the stages of pregnancy and how yourContinue Reading

When do you take time out during the day to refocus? Does it occur after you have realized that you have found yourself starting to feel a little stressed, or do you head off the stress and automatically take a breather when you feel like you need to refuel? BelowContinue Reading

Having a postpartum doula can be a positive experience for the breastfeeding mother and her family. The postpartum doula can assist with breastfeeding, meal preparation, newborn care, and help with siblings, etc. It would be wise for the family to communicate with the doula before delivery so that she canContinue Reading