Issues in Maternal Child Health

There is a dire need for more focus to be given to issues in Maternal Child Health as it relates to black women. Black women are more likely to have higher incidences of Maternal Mortality than other races. Organizations are stepping up to find solutions, but we have much more work to do.  There needs to be work that is done on levels of government that establish laws, policies, and programs that would address this specific need for black women during pregnancy and the prenatal period. There has to be assistance given to those who are already in the fight.

Recognizing the need to make sure that black women are getting the proper care they need during pregnancy will be a good start. There have been many cases where black women have died during pregnancy because of incidents for the most part that could have been prevented. When black women share their stories of feeling like they were being ignored when “something didn’t feel right” while pregnant, there should be extreme cause for concern. No expectant Mom should be ignored when she is seeking medical care and help.

Education is another important factor that deserves more attention for black women during the prenatal period. It would be good to see expecting mothers encouraged to attend a childbirth and breastfeeding class early on during pregnancy. If access to a facility is a problem, make arrangements with programs that cater to your needs. There are programs out there. I was a part of one and can confirm that programs that seek to educate, support, and promote education during and after pregnancy can make a great impact on eliminating maternal mortality among black women.

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