What Can I do During Pregnancy?

This is a time to make sure that you are getting all of the prenatal education and medical attention required. Going to a childbirth class will give you lots of information about what goes on at each stage during pregnancy. Valuable information on the stages of pregnancy and how your body changes are very important during this time. You can also get information about breastfeeding education and classes, which can help you make important decisions about feeding your baby and the postpartum period.

The more you learn about how the process of pregnancy unfolds the better equipped you will be when making decisions during this time. Making sure you understand how you should be eating during pregnancy may seem on the lower end of the list on the things to know during pregnancy, but for some mothers it’s vital. You do need to know the scheduled intervals that are required during pregnancy to make sure that your baby is growing and developing properly. Also, you may want to know signs of labor, and more information about contractions so that you can distinguish between false labor and true labor.

This is a good time to get questions answered about what’s coming. Deciding on a pediatrician and many other things that will take place during the postpartum period can best be addressed if you know what you should be planning for. It’s never too late to learn how to navigate motherhood. Education and self-empowerment are two powerful tools that will help you along the way.

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