Mommy Time

When do you take time out during the day to refocus? Does it occur after you have realized that you have found yourself starting to feel a little stressed, or do you head off the stress and automatically take a breather when you feel like you need to refuel? Below are some personal tips that I would like to share to help with keeping your thoughts and daily mission on the “front burner”

Ideas for changing gears during the day

  1. Make sure the night before you have written out all of your things to do. I can’t stress enough how it is so easy for something to come up during the day that could easily throw you off of your daily routine. It could be something as simple as the teacher calling from school with a need for your child to you actually not feeling well yourself.
  2. Try to keep a mental allotted time where you can think about things that inspire you to be all that you can be. This could be reading your bible, meditating, or just sitting in a quiet place filling your mind with positive thoughts.
  3. Call a good friend to encourage them about something you know that has been heavy on their hearts.  Make sure that when you call someone to do this you don’t get side tracked with gossip. It can be easy to lose focus!
  4. Prepare the menu for next week’s dinner. If you enjoy writing and planning to the point where you are finding yourself doing so more often than not, do so! It is ok to plan the menu for next’s week dinner, but make sure you discuss it with family members so that you don’t find yourself listening to a bunch of whining and complaining.
  5. Go to the Gym! Yes, exercise and allow your brain to recharge and your body to benefit from the many benefits exercise can bring. It is hard to be stressed out when you are trying to focus on breathing and keeping the pace with whatever activity you may be doing. Exercise does a body good!

These are just a few ideas of many that may help you regain your focus or maintain your focus during the day. A mom is shifting gears mentally so much doing the day that it can be easy to strip the gears!  Remember that we are vital to our families and if mama is doing well, the family is doing well!

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